Tune-Ups & Maintenance

With an annual heating system tune-up, you can help keep your heating system functional and efficient for years to come. Not only that, but with yearly maintenance, your system saves about 10% in energy costs alone. Our experienced technicians professionally handle your equipment, be it furnace, boiler, or burner, and they will leave your home in perfect care.

10-Point Oil Burner Tune-Up:

  • Test and regulate all burner and safety controls
  • Clean or replace fuel pump strainer, as necessary
  • Change nozzle
  • Check and adjust ignition system
  • Vacuum furnace/boiler and smoke pipe to chimney
  • Check and lubricate motors
  • Check and adjust fan belt
  • Seal air leaks around combustion chamber
  • Adjust heating unit to maximize efficiency
  • Perform an efficiency test

Don’t skip on this important heating system maintenance. You save money in energy costs, improve your efficiencies, and lengthen the lifetime of your heating equipment.

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